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michael west

Michael West: Leading cultures that deliver high quality and compassionate care

Caring To Change: How compassionate leadership can stimulate innovation in healthcare. Kings Fund, 2017

Michael West is Professor of Work and Organisational Psychology at Lancaster University Management School, Senior Research Fellow at The Work Foundation, Visiting Professor at University College, Dublin, and Emeritus Professor at Aston University.




Paul Raymond Gilbert

Paul Raymond Gilbert is a British clinical psychologist. Paul is the founder of compassion focused therapy (CFT), compassionate mind training (CMT) and author of books such as The Compassionate Mind: A New Approach to Life’s Challenges and Overcoming Depression.

Before retirement Gilbert was head of the Mental Health Research Unit, Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust. He remains Professor at the University of Derby. In 2011 Gilbert was awarded the Order of the British Empire (OBE) for his continued contribution in mental healthcare.




Compassion: Universally Misunderstood  : Huffington Post, Professor Paul Gilbert

People can be frightened of compassion because they think it is a weakness or an indulgence. This is largely because they don’t understand it






‘Caring to Change’ How compassionate leadership can stimulate innovation in the NHS. May 2017

Authors: Michael West, Regina Eckert, Ben Collins, Rachna Chowla








full compassion blue heart

How Mindfulness fosters Compassion : Professor Paul Gibert, Greater Good Science Center





Building nd Strengthening Leadership



“Building and Strengthening Leadership – leading with compassion” NHS England November 2014 





Why might good people deliver bad care? Yvonne Sawbridge, The University of Birmingham

yvonne sawbridge





Harvard Business Review: Proof that positive work cultures are more productive

Harvard Business Review - Work Cultures are more Productive





What is compassion and how can we measure it. A review of definitions 2016

What is compassion and how can we measure it A review of definitions 2016 (2)








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