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Shropshire and Staffordshire LETC sharing event report – September 2015

The healthcare community across Shropshire and Staffordshire has a shared vision and collective purpose to embed and recognise compassion leadership across the region. We started our work together through a regional event Leading with Compassion in September 2015 to share good practice and innovation across Staffordshire and Shropshire Shared discussions led to the creation of a Shropshire & Staffordshire Community of Practice to share compassionate leadership innovations and discuss the creation of a best practice tool kit. This also led to the creation of a dedicated Recognition of compassion scheme across the local health economy.This is a simple scheme whereby there is a central point in each organisation (electronic and paper version) where staff, patients and carers can nominate someone who they feel and believe has demonstrated leading with compassion.

Our Leading with Compassion Recognition Scheme – what is is all about?

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Why does it matter?

…clear relationship between the wellbeing of staff and patients’ wellbeing” Kings Fund 2015





Evolving our concept – Sharing our learning

Leading with Compassion Celebration Event 14th February 2017

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HEE Compassion celebration event presentation

Compassion celebration event - our team









Leading with Compassion – Shropshire and Staffordshire LETC Sharing Event September 2015

Event output report

Our slides from the day


Community of Practice

After collective discussions following our sharing event we have established a Shropshire and Staffordshire Leading with Compassion community of practice which will;

  • Sharing best practice but also to act as a support for self and organisational reflection
  • To jointly expand our collective knowledge around compassion and to share barriers and difficulties faced in practice
  • Provide networking and peer support in a multi-professional environment.
  • Create a best practice tool kit

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Shropshire and Staffordshire NHS Community of Practice